• 'Untunable' ECU supposedly for the 2020 mid-engine C8 Corvette - What is GM thinking?

      The C7 Corvette ZR1 started this trend from GM of trying to lock tuners out. Frankly, GM products are far less appealing if you can not tune them. A major part of their appeal is the value and aftermarket. Why try to kill this GM?

      The LT5's ECU was eventually cracked by HP Tuners but all that means is GM is going to learn from this and adapt to make it more difficult for tuners.

      The C8 Corvette apparently will go into limp mode if any code changes or if you try to mess with the ECU:

      Yes, encrypted ECU systems are already in vehicles. But the C8 Corvette is unique in that it features a widely heightened sense of cybersecurity. As a result, it might be impossible to read, write, and/or replace the standard ECU of the C8 Corvette. Major side effects of attempting to do so include “bricking” the car, according to sources.

      When a programming event fails, the C8 Corvette is designed to go into what can be essentially described as a “recovery mode.” When this happens, it communicates certain data in order to restore a point that a new programming session can start. Then the ECU can be reprogrammed as normal. In layman’s terms, any foreign code will shut down the Corvette’s computer, and it will need to be rebooted. If one does not have the resources to re-image the ECU of the 2020 C8 Corvette, the vehicle’s as good as a rolling paperweight.
      If the Corvette can not be tuned GM is making a huge mistake. Who wants to be stuck forever with a stock Corvette? Plus, why hurt the aftermarket that helps GM in so many ways? Sometimes the aftermarket even corrects GM's mistakes.

      Tuners will no doubt find some kind of solution as they always do but it is only going to get more difficult. Frankly, if the C8 can not be tuned, it is not interesting. Enthusiast dollars will go elsewhere.

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